What equipment does our company

We offer the following equipment, with which you will be able to establish a profitable business.

Bafilomycin and bafilomycin sole. This is the machine of the Russian production with the help of which you will be able to produce Shoe covers. The machine is automatic, which significantly reduces the time. At the moment the unit produces 120-140 PCs different thickness depending on the film.

a machine for the production of sleeves. Allows you to quickly and economically advantageous to produce sleeves of different thicknesses.

production Line of masks. Medical masks – seller not only in hospitals but also in the period of high incidence among the population. This product will always find buyers. The line consists of three machines: machine for the manufacture of preforms for soldering of strings and the system of transportation. Automatic controls allow to minimize human labor and to increase the number of products. In the end, you profit.

Disposable medical cap. the Company offers to sell equipment for the production of caps in Charlotte. For machine control need only 1 person, thus you will save on labor costs.

Line for folding the diapers and towels. Disposable napkins, towels and diapers are always in Vogue. On the machine there is a mechanical folding manner that minimizes human contact with the material.

Raw materials and supplies

in Addition to the equipment with which you start your business, the company offers consumables.

polyethylene Film. Used for the production of disposable Shoe covers. It has high strength that allows to produce high-quality shoes, which are always ready to buy medical facilities. Use only verified materials for production, which will allow you to find regular customers. The company is always ready to advise you on the best choice of film for your machine.

the latex Thread. It is made in Russia, but if you want, we can order from China. It is solid, not braided and double braided. We will take orders for any kind and color of thread.

Conversion machines

If you once decided to save money and took the Chinese machine, you will soon find that it produces a large number of marriage. This increases your costs. Our company is engaged in refurbishment of machine tools. After work, you get the following:

  • Number of rejects is reduced.
  • Performance increases.

Most modern machines can be converted. We will install the kit for sealing and longitudinal sealing of the edges of the covers. Some machines are easy to use and the owners themselves are engaged in their conversion, but it's better to entrust it to professionals to keep your machine intact. In addition, you get a guarantee, commissioning and ongoing customer support.

Why to book with us

For our company the most important is quality. We provide certified equipment, which will be the basis of your business. Buying machine for Shoe covers, masks, oversleeves or stacking towels, you become the owner of a stable business with steady income.

We support our customers, produce equipment and supply material. Your business is growing and you are getting stable income with minimal expenses.