About the business

the Substitution! Reliable business with a margin of 200%.

today it is quite a sensitive issue. With the decline of the turnover of trading companies and strengthening of production. Against the background of developing mechanisms of state support of producers of goods and services. I will try to briefly describe the attractiveness of the Business for the production of disposable medicinskih products.

first: In hospitals, clinics, dental offices, etc zarastet the popular trail. No matter what the situation in the country, sick people are still. The number of disposable medical products (Shoe cover, mask,cap, oversleeves, surgical Shoe covers, etc.) consumed our healthcare system always remains at a consistently high level.

secondly, in spite of the cheap value of goods, manufacturers of disposable medical products earn hundreds of millions of rubles a month. Types of industries can boast of such a margin of 200% and a return on investment of 3 months is very small.

third: And this is the most interesting. Investments from 1 050 000 p., Low competition, the Forecast for the dynamics of import substitution market min 5 years. The projected introduction of import duties on medical disposable products. The capacity of the market of disposable medical products roughly 50 000 000 000 (billion) p. per month, the capacity of Russian producers together about 352 000 000 rubles/month. the rest is import.

For example, the production of Shoe covers:

All the data is real. All cost, expenses, materials and prices for materials. Weighed me personally.

In-house production of Shoe covers, you can safely rely on the information in their calculations. Don't forget to increase the consumption of gum 2 times when calculating the cost of Shoe covers from films of 15 microns and above.

table of weights of Shoe covers from different films, depending on the height of the booties and additives during film production.

the the the the the the
Thickness of film HDPE weight in grams 
Film 8 microns 1.7 and 2.3 
Film of 10 microns from 2.3 to 2.8
Film 13 microns from 2.5-3.5
Film 15 micron 3,0 -4,0
Film of 20 microns from 4.5 to 5.5


1 machine - based on the 4th month of operation.

the the the the the the the the the the the the
 Article  capital expenditures Amount 
 Purchase of the machine DOC 1200  950 000
Keys, installation of ventilation  10 000
TOTAL:   960 000

Calculation of profitability in the 4th month of work. 1 machine in 12 hours. 

 Purchase film 8 microns for a month

(1 020 000 pairs - 1 890 kg) consumption of 1.8 g./pair

 283 500
 Purchase gum No. 42 (flow rate of 7 UAH/pair)  72 000
rent 30 m2  6 000
R/P operators in the chart 2/2 30 days.  51 000
the cost of the accountant and other   15 000
TOTAL:   427 000

the the the
 Consumption  Revenue  
Cost per month   427 000 p.  Revenue 1 020 000 pairs * 0,8 R.    816 000 p. 
TOTAL:   PROFIT  389 000 p.

All our clients we are, since the purchase of equipment to launch the stable production. We will provide you with raw materials for production. Almost round the clock technical support, availability of spare parts, training your staff and free departure of the expert to launch your production, that goes without saying.

Additional information: Shoe Thickness is measured through the 2 walls that is, if the Shoe covers from the film of 10 microns, then this is the Shoe thickness of 20 microns. 90% of marriage depends on the quality of the film. Performance on 1 machine 1st month 200 000 pairs. 2nd month 500 000 pairs. 3rd month 800 000 pairs.