DOK 3000

Face mask making machine DOK 3000

DOK 3000
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Description DOK 3000

DOK 3000 The equipment is high quality electrical device consisting of:

  • Machines for production of medical masks blanks in the amount of 1 pc
  • Machines for soldering ear loop to the workpiece medical masks in the amount of 2 pieces system transports and CNC control line
  • As well as the compressor

    For fully automatic production of medical masks with ear loops in the form of gum. The ease of use of such equipment is achieved due to automatic control the entire line from a single console and has such important properties like:

    • Display of production speed
    • The temperature display

Specifications DOK 3000

Power supply 220v

Power 4,5 kW
Output 100 piece per minute
Weight 800kg.
Size (L*W*H) 4650*2150*1470

The products on DOK 3000

Medical masks from 3 to 5 layers of dimensions 175mm x 95mm.

Raw materials

  • Spunbond 20kg / m2 195mm width
  • Meltblaun 25kg / m2 splinting 195mm
  • Elastic ear loop
  • Wire
  • Video DOK 3000

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    Guarantee DOK 3000

    One-year warranty


    Starting production.
    Instructions for setting up the machine on the website.
    Free-of-charge consultations by phone
    Defective goods less than 1%
    Spare parts are always available.
    All component parts are of our own making,
    Powder coating of component parts,
    Extended lifetime, Simple setup,
    Training your staff, Easy to use.
    the Equipment is checked.

    Shipping DOK 3000

    Delivery to Russia and CIS by transport companies details by phone: +7(495)649-88-53

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