DOK 8000

Rollcutting machine DOK 8000

DOK 8000
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Description DOK 8000

DOK 8000 The equipment is high quality electrical device for cutting rolled materials are not unwinding roll, thereby reducing the cost of cutting HDPE films, spunbond, Meltblauna and other materials where there is a risk of cutting edge zaplavit. Our machine cuts and fuses the edge.

The ease of use of such equipment is achieved through accurate and miscalculations with osnosti shaft of the machine.

Specifications DOK 8000

Power Supply 220V
Power 2,5 kW

The rotation speed of 150 rpm
Weight 90 - 500 kg

The products on DOK 8000

Raw materials

  • nonwoven
  • Meltblaun,
  • Spaynless,
  • SMS,
  • SMMS,
  • Paper.
  • Stretch.
  • Tape.
  • Video DOK 8000

    Guarantee DOK 8000

    One-year warranty


    Starting production.
    Instructions for setting up the machine on the website.
    Free-of-charge consultations by phone
    Defective goods less than 1%
    Spare parts are always available.
    All component parts are of our own making,
    Powder coating of component parts,
    Extended lifetime, Simple setup,
    Training your staff, Easy to use.
    the Equipment is checked.

    Shipping DOK 8000

    Delivery to Russia and CIS by transport companies details by phone: +7(495)649-88-53

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